JCCA Pool & Safety Workshop April 13th, 2016

The Johns Creek Community Association (JCCA) continues to develop educational workshops with you, the JCCA homeowner, in mind.

On April 13th, the JCCA will host a workshop which has been designed to focus on tips that all homeowner associations can use in regard to their pool (safety and technical) issues.

The Johns Creek Police Department will also be present to share some of the issues that they deal with each year when the summer swim season begins.

Workshop Agenda

Registration                                              6:30 pm – 6:40 pm

Welcome and Introduction                        6:40 pm – 6:45 pm

Sears Pool, Craig Sears                             6:45 pm – 7:15 pm

Johns Creek Police, Officer Meberg           7:15 pm – 7:45 pm

Questions & Answers                                7:45 pm – 8:00 pm


We want to see you there!
Make sure your neighborhood is represented so we can work together to shape the future of Johns Creek!

Date: April 13, 2016

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Emory Johns Creek Hospital
Classroom A, Lower Level
6325 Hospital Parkway
Johns Creek, GA  30097

JCCA Newsletter for March 2016

How the JCCA Works For You
The purpose of the JCCA is to represent and protect the interests of the member associations as well as the community at large in various community, civic, and governmental activities that have an effect of the quality of life in the Johns Creek area itself as well as those areas which are contiguous.
The mission of the JCCA is to preserve, protect, educate and promote a diverse, balanced and sustainable community.

There is a guaranteed strength and power when two forces come together for the common good. The strength of a bridge’s beam is not fully appreciated until the bridge is built and ready for operation. The strength of a car’s frame is not acknowledged until the car is assembled and prepared for sale. Each piece of these respective examples can stand alone, however, it is the purpose and use of its joining with another part that makes it fit for use for the common good.

The JCCA’s voice is growing stronger because of our partners-Home Owner Associations, such as yours.  The City of Johns Creek is growing by leaps and bounds, and the time for us to lend a helping hand in determining what the Johns Creek of the future looks like is now.  This means that we need to continue to have an active presence with zoning issues, city council requests, public safety inquires, and any major issue that you and your community deem important!

There are many ways to make your voice heard in your community. We want you to always know that we are your liaison and advocate in Johns Creek, and that we are committed to being a force that will execute change and foster positive city growth. For example, if you are concerned about a zoning issue, please let one of our directors know and we will bring the concerns to the next city zoning meeting.

This is a way for all HOAs to work with the JCCA and have an active handle in their own communities. Our Board of Directors has a very visible presence at City Council meetings each month. City officials have begun to understand that when the voice of the JCCA stands to speak, that voice is speaking on issues that have started at the grassroots level and with more than one member expressing their concern. Trust that once we bring your HOA’s concern to the City Council, that we will continue to work as your advocate until the issue is settled.

Finally, we know that there are issues that arise which fall under public safety. This is nothing to push under the rug. The JCCA is adequately prepared to voice your concerns about public safety (or any major issue) so that the Johns Creek Police Department and city officials know that they need to move expeditiously for an answer.

We’re working for you and always thinking of new ways to educate you and inform you about important legislation. Having been around since 1982, the history of the JCCA is rich.  Let’s work together to continue this great partnership between the JCCA and its members. The best is surely yet to come.
Judy LeFave, President

Johns Creek High School Students Win National App Challenge
A group of students at Johns Creek High School have turned a carpooling idea into an award winning app.
They entered Verizon’s Innovative  App Challenge and won $20,000 for their school. The bright group of students came up with “Vroom,” a new app designed to help students get home after school so they can participate in extracurricular activities.

“Vroom” matches students in need of a ride, with other students that have cars, or even parents already there picking up their kid. Their video  submission shows a student who has to skip robotics, and ride the bus because his parent can’t come pick him up.
“We thought, why not increase the efficiency and partner some of the students who don’t have rides home with some of the students that do,” explains Preeti Iyer.

The app works to match students who live within a 5 mile radius of one another. “At our school, we have like 10 or 12 main neighborhoods where all the kids live in, so there’s a very good probability that kids live within a mile or two miles of one another, so it’s no trouble at all just to go the extra effort,” Sneha says.

Aside from winning $20,000 for Johns Creek High School, this team will also have the chance to turn the app into a reality. They will be partnered with the Center for Mobile Learning at MIT to put the app on the Google Play market.

The students also won an addition $5,000 for the school and free tablets for being Best in Stat, before Best in Nation. The goal of the Verizon Innovative App Challenge is to get teams of students to solve problems in their school or community. They also hope it helps encourage STEM career paths, which are science, technology, engineering, and math.

Download the App for Johns Creek’s Restaurant Week!
The city of Johns Creek will celebrate its first Restaurant Week March 14 – 20, 2016.

An app has been created which will help you to select a restaurant to enjoy! You may download the app from Google Play and the App Store.

Come out, bring your family, and enjoy all that Johns Creek has to offer! All participating restaurants are below!

New JCCA Members for 2016 

We would like to acknowledge the following HOAs for joining/renewing their 2016 JCCA Membership:

  1. Abbotts Bridge Place
  2. Abbotts Landing
  3. Abbotts Walk
  4. Ammersee Lakes
  5. Autry Township
  6. Aviary
  7. Belcrest
  8. Bellemont Farms
  9. Blackstone
  10. Breckenridge
  11. Brookhaven at Johns Creek
  12. Brydon Park
  13. Cambridge
  14. Cameron HOA
  15. Cameron Crest Farms
  16. Carriage Homes at River Farm
  17. Carriage Park
  18. Clublands
  19. Coldstream Courts
  20. Concord Hall
  21. Country Club of the South
  22. Doublegate
  23. Estates & Reserve at Foxdale
  24. Falls of Autry Mill, The
  25. Farmbrook IV
  26. Farmbrook Community
  27. Forrest Lake
  28. Fox Creek
  29. Fox Glen
  30. Gates, The
  31. Glenhurst
  32. Glenside
  33. Hartridge
  34. Hayden’s Walk
  35. Ivey Ridge
  36. Kingston Crossing
  37. Lakehill HOA
  38. Lakeview Estates
  39. Laurel Ridge
  40. Lexington Woods
  41. Linkwood


42. Mayfair/St. Clair

43. Medlock Bridge

44. Montclair

45. Myers Park

46. New Haven

47. Oxford Mill

48. Parsons Run

49. Prestwick

50. River Farm

51. Riverclub

52. Rivermont

53. Riverwood

54. Saddle Bridge

55. St. Ives

56. St. Regis

57. Seven Oaks

58. Shakerag HOA

59. Silver Ridge

60. Sporting Club at Chartwell

61. Spring Meadow

62. Standard View

63. Stonehaven

64. Sugar Mill

65. Thornhill

66. Village at Jones Ferry

67.Village at Thornhill

68. Waterford/County Lakes

69. Wellington Place Condo

70. Westbury

71. Stonehaven

72. Willow Run

73. Windermere Park

74. Winfield on the River





Update on the ThruU Proposal for State Bridge/Medlock Bridge Intersection
On February 5th we asked that you give your feedback on the ThruU intersection proposal and attend the City Council Meeting of February 8th to make your voice heard.  You responded and it had a big impact!  This is why the JCCA and your HOA’s involvement are so important.
Citizens are not opposed to traffic improvements in Johns Creek.  Rather, we all want the best solutions for our community.  Accordingly, as a community, we have sought to ensure that the important questions are answered before moving forward.  After looking at and studying the ThruU concept, more information has come forward because our members attended the meeting, and spoke publicly.
In addition to comments from the public at the February 8, 2016 City Council Meeting, the JCCA recommended the formation of a stakeholder committee.  This Committee shall be composed of residents from adjacent communities, effected businesses, and the JCCA.  It shall serve as a preliminary sounding board for future analysis. Stakeholder involvement is a concept also clearly suggested in the ThruU Guide.

The Mayor assured everyone that plenty of notice would be given for additional public comment and feedback in the future before any solution would be seriously considered.

The JCCA will keep you posted on any future developments!  For more information, please visit our website: www.jccahome.org

ARRL Signs New MOU with American Red Cross
The ARRL and the American Red Cross have signed a newMemorandum of Understanding(MoU).

The document, signed in January, succeeds one agreed to in 2010;  it will remain in place for the next five years. The MoU spells out how League Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers will interface with the Red Cross in the event that ARES teams are asked by the Red Cross to assist in a disaster or emergency response.

Click here to read more.

Park Place Choir Recruiting Singers for 2016
Johns Creek’s new Park Place choral group, “Park Place Voices,” is recruiting singers as it embarks on its 2016 spring season. The Park Place Voices is a choir for older adults 62 and up and at all ability levels. No auditions are required.

Tessa Walker, a music major at University of Georgia and a graduate of Johns Creek High School, began leading the choir in late 2015. Their first season culminated with performances at Park Place Senior Center and Chattahoochee High School.

“Music is a vital part of people’s lives and in addition to being fun, singing helps to improve breathing, increase energy levels, and is a simple form of self-expression,” Walker said. “Our new choir provides an opportunity to bring music and musical performance back into our members lives and the Johns Creek community.”

The group rehearses every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Park Place in the Newtown School located inside Newtown Park, 3125 Old Alabama Road.

Concert dates and locations are still to be determined. For information about the Park Place Voices or other Park Place programs please contact Maggie Barker at parkplace@johnscreekga.gov or call 678-512-3200.
Shooting Stars FoundationCommon Core & Speech Boot Camp
When: April 2 – April 6, 2016
Who: Grades 2- 6
Time: 5pm – 7:30 pm
Where: TBD
What: Math & Language Arts Tutoring
Cost: $50 for Speech
         $65 for Common Core


You may also click here to visit the foundation’s web site.
Kick Off Casino Night for Mental Health Education 
When: March 12, 2016
Who: The LRJ Foundation
Time: 6:45 pm – 11 pm
Where: The Manor Golf & Country Club
15951 Manor Club Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia
What: Learn about critical topics and trends impacting community associations. Also learn strategies to better lead your community and safeguard your legal liability
Cost: $65 or $115 for couples
Please click here for more information.

2016 Homestead Exemption Due April 1
Johns Creek homeowners can save money on their 2016 property taxes by filing for homestead exemptions by the April 1 deadline.
Residents of Johns Creek may be eligible for one or more Homestead Exemptions offered by the City to homeowners, as well as a number of exemptions offered by Fulton County.
Homeowners already receiving exemptions do not need to re-apply unless there has been a change in ownership of the property. There are no age or income requirements to receive a basic homestead exemption, which takes $15,000 off the taxable value of a home.
To qualify for any homestead exemption for 2016, a homeowner must own and occupy the property as his or her primary residence as of Jan. 1, 2016, and must be a permanent, legal Johns Creek resident. People who file for exemptions after April 1 will not see their exemption in the 2016 tax bill, but will see it in 2017.
Applications must be filed in person at a Fulton County Board of Assessors office. The closest one is at Royal 400 Office Park, Suite 175, 3155 Royal Drive, Alpharetta.
The City and Assessor’s Office have created a combined application process so there is no need to file separately with the City for its particular exemptions.
For more information, visit www.fultonassessor.org or call 404.224.0102.

Business Tax Certificates Due March 31 
Businesses in the City of Johns Creek have until March 31, 2016, to renew their business tax certificates by submitting a business tax return with full payment of all fees and taxes.
Business owners can come to City Hall at 12000 Findley Rd., Suite 400, to file tax certificates, more commonly known as business licenses, but the City also will mail renewal applications in early January.
Failure to receive a renewal application does not relieve a business of responsibility to pay its business tax by the deadline. Late payments are subject to a 10 percent penalty and interest of 1.5 percent a month. Business tax certificates, commonly called business licenses, will be considered on time if they are postmarked by March 31.
Certificates are valid for a calendar year, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.
As part of the City’s “Choose to Use Johns Creek” campaign, the Revenue Division’s online business directory can include website information. When business owners submit their tax certificate application, they can also include their business website address, which will help citizens find and learn more about our local businesses.
For more information, visit the website’s section on Business Tax Certificates or contact the Revenue Division at 678.512.3200.
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JCCA Board of Directors
Judith LeFave – President
Abbotts Landing

Kirk Canaday – Vice President
Hayden’s Walk

Kathleen Field – Secretary

Michael Pelot Hobbs – Treasurer

Nancy Chen



Ernest Moosa
Medlock Bridge
John Bradberry
Kingston Crossing
Chris Coughlin
Concord Hall
Scott Sanders
Mayfair/St. Clair
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